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  • Career services and employment possibilities 
  • Continuing education, keeping up with current technology, and Access to current HVAC Industry information 
  • Networking opportunities for technology, employment and projects 
  • A chance to become a chairperson or an officer‐ to gain an experience that will have value on professional resumes 
  • Industry respect through ASHRAE affiliation, and/or volunteer‐ship 
  • Access to $2.9 million dollars (this year alone) worth of research information in the industry 
  • To help make a difference in the engineering world 
  • Be a part of a society that makes the world a better place to live in‐ enhancing the air we breathe, improving workplace environment and creating a better quality of life by providing sustainable solutions 
  • For FUN and a sense of true accomplishment

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The ASHRAE San Diego Chapter would like to welcome the following members of the Chapter whom have recently joined the Chapter:

- Antonio Corradini - AESC
- Archie Makatini - Johnson Controls
- Bill Kane - Green Total Solutions
- Bo Stevens - Vibrex
- Carl Yates - D.B. Sales & Service
- Celeste Recchia - Countywide Mechanical Systems, Inc.
- Craig Barrett - Barrett Engineered
- David Anton - Student Transfer
- David Hopkins
- David Richards
- David Wang - Teradata
- Delia Estrada - Trane
- Diego Pietzsch - Student Transfer
- Fang Li - exp
- James Hay - Source One Inc.
- Jason Wright - Countywide Mechanical Systems
- Javier Delgado-Garcia - Able Engineering Services
- Katherine Blume - Southland Industries
- Kendall DeSpenza - Countywide Mechanical Systems, Inc.
- Oliver Daluz - Syska Hennessy
- Rick Gorton - Scripps Health
- Ryan Braun - Randall Lamb
- Sonya Spala - Johnson Controls
- Victor Neuman
- Zack Blois


If you see any of these individuals are any future meeting, please join me in welcoming them to ASHRAE San Diego!

If anyone has any membership questions, please feel free to contact Erik Sanchez