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ASHRAE San Diego November 2019 Newsletter


Dear San Diego ASHRAE Members, Students, Retirees and Guests:

Next Tuesday, 11/12/19, will be our third meeting of our ASHRAE year 2019-2020.  I look forward to seeing you all there.  Please register TODAY.  Don’t wait!

I hope and trust that you are all as excited as I am that we are meeting in a new location --- Ballast Point Miramar – 9045 Carroll Way – San Diego, CA 92121.

This is clearly our second “new” venue as we continue our pursuit of a long-term home, where we can receive the services and fees commensurate with our needs and expectations.  Here is what this second “new” venue has to offer: 

  1. A private room (the Sculpin Room) – not open to the public during our meeting.
  2. Buffet-style lunch (our desired preference).
  3. 30-person minimum rather than a 50-person minimum.
  4. Will seat a maximum of 48 attendees.
  5. Two (2) flat screen TVs to accommodate the video part of the meeting. No more project or screen required.
  6. No change in our meeting cost.
  7. Opportunity to purchase “on-site-brewed” craft beer (personal cost).
  8. Open parking on site. Get there early.   
  9. Easy in-n-out off of I15 or I805 and Miramar Road.
  10. A mic and speakers will be provided (at additional cost to the Chapter) to accommodate the speaker.


For your information (FYI), we have a third “new” venue to consider, which I sincerely believe will become our long-term home.  It truly has everything we want or need with one exception --- we will have to change our meeting date from the 2nd Tuesday of each month to the 1st Tuesday of each month.  Technically it should not matter once we shift our paradigm.  Think about it.  Talk about it.  If you have any concerns or questions, please share them with me.  We intend to schedule our first meeting at that venue in February 2020.   

On another note, we are “geared-up” for our annual ASHRAE Holiday Party, scheduled for December 05, 2019, at The Smoking Gun, 555 Market Street, 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM.  If not already registered, please do so immediately so you don’t forget.  Look for the registration invitations in your email. 

As there is no official monthly meeting in December 2019 (except for BOG), please mark your calendars for the next regular meeting in January 2020, which will be a joint meeting with ASPE.  Date, time & location to be verified.  Watch for future emails. 

Remember --- we are NOTHING without you and your willingness to offer your time, talent and treasure to the ongoing success of the San Diego Chapter of ASHRAE.  Thank you. 


Gerald D. Hartford, Jr., PE, LEED AP, GPD

ASHRAE San Diego Chapter President


[email protected]

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