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ASHRAE San Diego April 2020 Newsletter


Dear San Diego ASHRAE Members, Students, Retirees and Guests:

We trust that all of you have remained safe and healthy, in response to this unprecedented pandemic that has been thrust upon us. 

And whether you have been able to work from your office or from your home, we hope that you have been able to maintain some degree of productivity.

We should all remain optimistic that soon we can return to some version of our previous “normal” for the sake of ongoing business growth and development. 

As you all know, we cancelled our April 14, 2020 meeting as just two (2) weeks ago we did not have sufficient time to prepare for an alternative meeting option. 

However, going forward, we intend to host a virtual lunch meeting on May 12, 2020.  Stay tuned for more details. 

Originally, we had planned a refrigeration tour for our May 2020 meeting.  But due to the current state of “social distancing”, the company with whom we had coordinated that tour has determined it appropriate, under the circumstances, to cancel all such “group tours” until further notice.   

Furthermore, we intend to offer an “online” ALI (ASHRAE Learning Institute) course within the next few weeks.  Once again, stay tuned for more details. 

And for the short-term, while we are all still subjected to continued social distancing, all chapters in Region X have been encouraged to offer their “future” planned “virtual” meetings to all other chapters in the Region, and know that we have been invited to join a “virtual lunch meeting” hosted by the Golden Gate chapter (San Francisco), scheduled for this week, Friday, April 24, 2020 at 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM, titled “Electrification of Buildings”.  See link below to invitation.

We have also been invited to register for the online “ASHRAE South Brazil & IBPSA-Brazil Building Performance Simulation Conference” scheduled for Thursday, May 7-8, 2020.  See link below to registration.

As well, by now you have all received correspondence from ASHRAE Society informing you that the planned annual conference in Austin, TX scheduled for June 27-July 1, 2020, has been changed from a physical conference to a “virtual” conference, with more details to follow.  Look for those additional details directly from ASHRAE Society. 

Also, please go online and consider the ASHRAE Tech Hours, available to all ASHRAE members – FREE OF CHARGE.  See the link below to the email reminder.

Should current conditions change, we have been advised that Green Build of San Diego is in a state of “wait-n-see” relative to their planned hosting of the Green Build conference in November 2020.  We look forward to that opportunity should it occur. 

Reiterating from my previous newsletter, we have also been contacted once again by ENCORPS, a STEM teachers program, inviting any interested ASHRAE member to become a math or science teacher.  Additional information is available at, or by contacting Ms. Tanja Schroeder, at [email protected].  

Finally, as a matter of ASHRAE business, look (soon) for information in your email requesting your member participation by submitting your vote for our 2020-2021 ASHRAE Officers and Board of Governors members.  This will be on online vote. 

Although we have a slate of nominees for each position, we always remain open, to and encourage, write-in candidates (volunteers).  If you or anyone of our members has an interest in an officer, BOG or committee chair position, please contact Mark Silke, at [email protected], and let him know. 

Once again, be looking for that online ballot and be sure to vote accordingly.    

On behalf of your San Diego Chapter of ASHRAE, we understand that this current health crisis is impacting all of us and our highest priority must be to the health and safety of our entire membership, our colleagues and our families.  Please remain calm, strong, committed and vigilant.

Remember --- we are NOTHING without you and your willingness to offer your time, talent and treasure to the ongoing success of the San Diego Chapter of ASHRAE.  Thank you. 


Gerald D. Hartford, Jr., PE, LEED AP, GPD

ASHRAE San Diego Chapter President


[email protected]

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