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Dear San Diego ASHRAE Members, Students, Retirees and Guests:

Without dwelling on the obvious (COVID-19), we are all being significantly affected by this unfortunate pandemic --- a pandemic the likes of which we have not experienced in modern history.  However, let us not soon forget recent past history, i.e. Asian flu (H2N2) – 1957-1958, the Hong Kong flu (1968-1969), the Avian flu (H1N1) – 2009, Ebola (2014-2015), SARS (a coronavirus), MERS, etc.  In every case, by our collective efforts, we (the United States) have remained calm, strong, committed and vigilant in our effort to survive them all, and we will do so once again with this latest pandemic.  

In that regard, let us not only dwell on the not-so-positive, but let us consider as well, some positive news in this newsletter. 

We enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Dr. William P. Bahnfleth, a DL (Distinguished Lecturer), during our February 2020 meeting (43 attendees), discussing “Variable Primary Chilled Watery Systems”.

That was followed by a reasonably well-attended joint meeting between the Orange Empire chapter and our San Diego chapter, on March 10, 2020, at the Bagby Brewing Company in Oceanside.  We had a total of 29 joint attendees, to hear a presentation by another DL (Distinguished Lecturer), Mr. Luke Leung.  His enlightening presentation was entitled “Net Zero Building vs. Net Zero District”.

Unfortunately, given the current state of COVID-19, we stand a good chance of having to cancel our April 2020 meeting.  Stay tuned for official confirmation one way or the other, within the next two weeks.

Back to positive news, should conditions change, we have been invited to support Green Build of San Diego by engaging in their upcoming conference in November 2020.  We look forward to that opportunity.

We have also been contacted by ENCORPS, a STEM teachers program, inviting any interested ASHRAE member to become a math or science teacher.  Additional information is available at www.encorps.org, or by contacting Ms. Tanja Schroeder, at [email protected].  

Being myself an instructor (faculty member) at San Diego State University, teaching 4th & 5th year seniors/graduate students every fall semester, I can only say how fulfilling it is to know how that what we as industry professionals have to offer, can literally change the lives of so many young engineers and those that aspire to become engineers.  Clearly the ENCORPs program is meant for middle and high school students, as they consider future STEM programs.

In addition, we have also been contacted by representatives of the City of San Diego, specifically Ms. Anisha Gianchandani, Climate Advisor, Sustainability Department, in an effort to alert building owners to a pending June 1, 2020 City of San Diego “benchmarking” ordinance (Energy Star), and the ongoing benchmarking training prior to that effective date, i.e. March 11, April 16 and May 5, at different locations throughout San Diego.  Go to www.sandiego.gov/benchmark for more information, or contact [email protected].   

Finally, as a matter of ASHRAE business, our Nominating Committee has been working diligently to identify candidates for officer and BOG positions within our chapter.  Although we have a slate of candidates already identified, write-ins are always welcome.  If you or anyone of our members has an interest in an officer, BOG or committee chair position, please contact Mark Silke, at [email protected].  Be looking for an announcement in April to vote on candidate positions for 2020-2021.  That vote may be “online” if our April 2020 meeting is cancelled.  Stay tuned. 

On behalf of your San Diego Chapter of ASHRAE, we understand that this current health crisis is impacting all of us and our highest priority must be to the health and safety of our entire membership, our colleagues and our families.  Please remain calm, strong, committed and vigilant.

Remember --- we are NOTHING without you and your willingness to offer your time, talent and treasure to the ongoing success of the San Diego Chapter of ASHRAE.  Thank you. 


Gerald D. Hartford, Jr., PE, LEED AP, GPD

ASHRAE San Diego Chapter President


[email protected]