As your publicity/welcoming chair, I would like to extend a warm greeting to our membership and to those of you interested in learning more about ASHRAE and the benefits of membership. We are shaping up for a very exciting year here in San Diego and also at the international Society level. Locally, we have a full schedule with a diverse set of topics planned for our monthly meetings and a handful of fun activities planned throughout the year. On a regional level, ASHRAE will be hosting the annual winter meeting for the very first time in Las Vegas, making it that much easier (and enticing) for our local membership to attend. Likewise, Society will be hosting a YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) leadership weekend in the west this spring. And, finally, at the Society level we welcome our first ever female ASHRAE president, Ms. Lynn Bellenger, P.E.

For those of you new to ASHRAE or eager to learn more about our organization, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers was formed in 1959 by the merger of two societies, American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers (ASHVE), known after 1954 as American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHAE) and the American Society of Refrigerating Engineers (ASRE). While our name dubs us the “American” Society. . . , there are over 170 chapters internationally that all serve as the grassroots of the organization. The ASHRAE headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia and as of 2008, after undergoing a major renovation, we proudly boast a LEED Platinum certification for our headquarters. The Society is comprised of an Atlanta based staff of a little over 100 employees and a complex hierarchy of volunteers ranging from our Society president, who represents ASHRAE on an international level, all the way down to our local chapter volunteers. The San Diego chapter is one of 14 chapters that make up Region X, of which I am proud to hold the office of Region X treasurer. At the regional level, we host a CRC (Chapter Regional Conference) annually to provide an opportunity for the officers and chairpersons of our local chapters to exchange ideas, attend workshops, propose motions to be passed on to society, and network with one another.

In fact, networking is one of the many benefits of ASHRAE membership. I can personally attest that I have received numerous employment opportunities as a direct result of the industry interaction and exposure that I have experienced through ASHRAE. Likewise, while I do not have an education background in engineering, I have gained an invaluable amount of technical knowledge through the many resources available through ASHRAE, including the relationships I have formed with our diverse membership and attendance of our monthly meetings. As members, we are also given a voice to share our knowledge and views on industry trends, such as LEED building, new standards in HVAC construction and operation, and constantly evolving technologies. Participation in technical committees and attendance at biannual meetings are just a couple of the ways we can contribute to our engineering and construction community.

If you have any questions regarding ASHRAE membership, please feel free to contact myself at [email protected] or our Membership Chairperson, Mr. Eric Glatzl at [email protected].  You may also visit the Society webpage at for a wealth of information regarding becoming a member, updating member information, managing your membership, resources available to members and benefits of membership. While we are a growing organization with an international membership, the grassroots participation of members at every level is what keeps ASHRAE strong. We value our local membership immeasurably and look forward to expanding our chapter to ultimately include every HVAC professional in San Diego County, including you

Cindy Hyatt
San Diego Chapter Publicity/Welcoming Chairperson



Do you enjoy writing and sharing with your fellow HVAC professionals? Here in ASHRAE, we encourage all members to share their experiences, thoughts, photos, stories and ideas with one another in the immense forum available to our membership.

The San Diego ASHRAE chapter is actively looking for HVAC related articles to be included in our monthly newsletter. By submitting an article, you may become eligible for a free post in our monthly newsletter. Please contact or editor, Calina Ferraro at [email protected] with your submission or for more information regarding the San Diego Chapter newsletter.

Likewise, our society publication, Insights, also seeks content from our membership on an ongoing basis. The Insights newsletter is distributed to our membership every other month with the ASHRAE journal and is available electronically at If you have an article that you would like to share with Society, please contact myself at [email protected] or log on to the Society publications page for further instructions.

The San Diego HVAC community has a voice – LET IT BE HEARD!

Warmest Regards,
Cindy Hyatt
San Diego Chapter Publicity/Welcoming Chairperson