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What is ASHRAE Research?

It is the principals that go behind the development of all the standards, drives the development of new products and new ways of improving the HVAC&R professional community and the world.

How are research dollars spent?

Research dollars are allocated based on the size of a project and the need for research dollars. Many projects span out over 2-3 years and dollars are allocated each year.

Why is it important for us to donate to ASHRAE Research?

Without research dollars, many things we take for granted would not exist, including the ASHRAE Handbook. It is also important to continuously fund the projects through completion to progress the industry and improve technology.

ASHRAE RESEARCH - Researching Today to Change Tomorrow.
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The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has supported research to improve quality of life. ASHRAE Research impacts the industry by advancing the way HVAC&R systems work and the way in which they are applied, and allowing development of technical information to create standards and guidelines which serve as the basis for testing and design practices around the world.

The Society has funded thousands of projects addressing such topics as sound, duct design, the effect of oil in refrigerants, load calculations, thermal conductivity, simplified energy analysis procedures, weather data, refrigerant property data, fire and smoke control and solar design. The most significant ASHRAE research has been in the areas of human comfort and the properties of materials and systems used in buildings and refrigeration systems.

How is ASHRAE research used?

  • Papers reporting results of projects are presented at ASHRAE meetings and published in ASHRAE Transactions or ASHRAE’s HVAC&R Research Journal.
  • Projects of interest to a wide audience are described in articles published in the ASHRAE Journal.
  • Results of are used to update the annual volumes of the ASHRAE Handbook.
  • Subjects that have extensive use/popularity in the HVAC&R field are published as special publications, such as:
    • Cooling and Heating Load Calculation Manual
    • Design of Smoke Control Systems for Buildings
    • Design Guide for Cool Thermal Storage
    • Air Conditioning Systems Design Manual

ASHRAE Research also is used to update the Society’s standards and guidelines, which provide uniform methods of testing for rating purposes by suggesting safe practices for design and installation and by providing other information which may serve to guide the industry. There are currently more than 100 ASHRAE standards and guidelines